4 Photoshop Tricks to Make Your Life Easier


Photo editing, graphic designing, video editing and proofing are some things that have become vital for life in these times of technology and smartphones. When the first photo and video craze came in some decades ago there were software created just for the sake of making changes to size, colour, shapes and other things to help your change unsavory things in the image. Photoshop has been in the lead for this purpose ever since its inception. For the beginners using this software it can be mind boggling and confusing, so start using these shortcuts to make it easier on yourself.

i. Make use of regular keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are vital in reducing time and energy moving that cursor around and going down menus to select even some simple option in any software. Try to ease yourself into using shortcuts in PS to reduce the time you use in navigating around.

● V Move tool
● Space bar Temporary hand tool
● B Paintbrush tool
● F Toggle mode for display screens
● E Eraser tool
● Ctrl+J Duplicates a selected layer
● D Change current foreground/background colours to default
● X Swapping foreground and background colors
● S Stamp or clone stamp tool

ii. Activate guides

Usually used for web design in Canterbury, the use of a guide can make it easier for you to space your images or texts and align it perfectly against others. To activate the guides on your canvas click Viewà New Guide. You can decide to go horizontal or vertical depending on your need and the side you want aligning to be done. Ctrl + R makes visible the ruler so that will help your with the sizing of objects.

iii. Adding filters

Different types of filters can be added to any object or photograph in order to make it more eye catching. You can go for the classical black and white, saturation filters, different stroke filters and such. One of the best methods to try when using the filters on your photos only to a certain degree is duplicating the layer, adding the filter and then putting that layer in overlay mode.

iv. Layer cloning

Layer styles are wonderful when you have only one or two to redo. However in things like web design and advertisement creations, layer styles are a pain when you need to add it to the logo in every area or add it to different sets of objects. The easiest way to clone the styles of one layer to another is by pressing Alt on your keyboard and dragging that fx icon that pops up next to your layer (use the layer you want styles copied from) onto the layer you want the style copied to. If you drag the fx icon without pressing Alt key then the style will be moved from the original layer to the next.

While using photo editing software like Photoshop which are created for professionals may seem like a daunting task it is not always the case as there are different users with levels of IT background in the world. And most of the time there are tutorials and help sites made to cater to the beginners and intermediate level users to assist them in learning software.

Starting an Online Vegan Brownie Bakery


Working the nine to five shifts can be stressful and taxing. Following strict rules, taking orders and having to do tasks you are uninterested in doing is every individual’s worst living nightmare. Every young person dreams of the day they are able to give it all up and take back their own lives. Fortunately, unlike in the past, you do not have to wait until you have reached retirement age to quit the rat race. Starting your own home based business is now as easy as having a great business idea and following it up by opening up a facebook page for your business. Leaving the rat race is a big decision and yet, it isn’t as big a risk as you might think. Today, home based businesses are thriving, with proprietors making better money than a nine to five job pays and having well deserved time to spend on themselves and their families.

The consumer market of the twenty first century

The consumer market today is very different than it was a decade ago with the younger generation becoming more aware and conscious of the food and products they consume. Young adults today are mindful of the severe abuse that takes place within the meat and dairy industries, the hormones pumped into pumped into farm animals, animal testing, chemical and preservative laced processed food marketed by big corporates, the dangers of animal products and non-organic food products. Thus, the twenty first century has given birth to a new generation of conscious consumers.

Business idea

If you enjoy baking, a great business option is to start an online vegan brownie bakery. Baking vegan products has great potential because you will be primarily marketing your product to a very niche market that traditional bakeries are yet to market to. Additionally, non vegans too will be open to having your product because it is different from what is usually sold. Fortunately, thanks to social media, you will not need to invest a capital in starting an online bakery. You will however, need to experiment with a few recipes and tweak them to make them your own. Once you have perfected a recipe and worked on a number of variations such as flavours and potion sizes, you are ready to start the process of marketing your bakery.


First you will need to bake samples of each product variation that you hope to market and have a photographer friend take some creative pictures for you. Remember, great pictures sell. Next you will need to come up with a creative name for your bakery. The name you pick should be short, catchy and easy to remember. Open up a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account for your bakery, upload your pictures with creative names for each product along with the price of each product. When deciding on your price, make sure you allocate money for every little cost you are likely to incur. Think about the little things like electricity for baking, packaging, label printing and transportation.

Start printing a small number of eye catching flyers with pictures, product details and pricing for potential customers that are not social media savvy that you can distribute around your immediate location. When you are printing your flyers, make sure you have your label printing done at the same time in order to reduce your costs.


It is not essential to spend large amounts of money on packaging as you may make your own boxes. Purchase sheets of cheap but brightly coloured board, watch one of the many videos available about making handmade gift boxes and start working. Once your boxes are ready, you may paste your labels on them and wrap the box with a brightly coloured ribbon of a contrasting colour to your board. When choosing the colours of your ribbon and board, remember that these colours are likely to be associated with your brand, therefore, choose wisely.

Once your flyers, boxes and social media pages are ready, you can go ahead and start advertising your products to your immediate friends and family. Have a range of competitions on your pages during your first weeks of business asking your friends and family to share, repost and invite their own friends to like your page in exchange for free samples of your product. Your page is guaranteed to spread like wildfire and you are certain to get your first order within a few hours of publishing your social media pages.

Most Interesting Jobs For Multitaskers

The ability to multitask efficiently is a skill that is quite rare and extremely useful. It’s a trait that gives some people a unique set of competences, making them more suited for certain professions. Here is a list of exciting professions that are custom made for multitaskers.
TeacherWe’ve all had the opportunity to see a teacher in action at some point of our lives. It’s very rare that they have the luxury of tending to one simple task at a given time. Everything that is required from them is required all at once, by a very demanding and an unforgiving audience – the students. A teacher should be constantly alert to the needs of his/her students and have the ability to attend to those efficiently.
Therefore, if you are a multitasker who loves working with kids, and have the patience and the commitment towards adding value to their lives, this may be the perfect job for you.
Event planner
The role of an event planner is not something that could be mastered within a few days. It requires the highest levels of multitasking coupled with the continued presence of a positive attitude and the true passion to please people. You can directly visit this link http://www.pico.com/hk/en/ for more of great event planner.
An event planner has no defined job description. They will be required to do whatever it takes to get the job done. After a few years in the profession, most people end up acquiring skills that they never thought was possible. For anyone who has no reservations to learn something new every day with the ability to handle multiple tasks with a smile on your face, this job is made for you.
Receptionist This appears to be a job that is quite simple at first glance. A smile and a polite attitude may seem like the only requirements for it. In reality, this job might be one of the most challenging professions in existence, due to its highly demanding nature in terms of the ability to multitask. A receptionist not only has to welcome each client or guest with utmost politeness but has to simultaneously answers calls, pass on messages and clarify a number of issues at a very high speed. This is another professional that is ideal for those who are great with people and have the ability to multitask.
NurseNurses are the most important individuals in any hospital. Not only are they required to administer medication and treatment but they also have to be constantly available to fulfill the needs of their patients, no matter the degree of urgency. This job which can be very draining yet highly rewarding requires the ability to multitask as well as the true passion to help people.